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Documentary Photography, Dance Performance, and Advertising


The summer was about to begin and the dancers were ending their season with a public performance at a lovely theatre located in a picturesque town in the middle of the Czech Republic. The call time was 8 am. It was the time when close to 100 dancers met at a local dance studio to stretch, did a final rehearsal, and of course had their make-up done by a team of wonderful make-up artists. And when everyone was ready we headed towards the theatre...

The theatre was sold out and the performance a huge success, there actually had to be two consecutive shows to accommodate everyone. And I am truly grateful I had the opportunity to document all that with my camera. 

It was an all-day-all-access-shoot filled with laughter, music, dance, and amazing people. I enjoyed every single minute of it, however I wouldn't be satisfied if I wasn't able to capture the atmosphere in a single photograph. And the one above is exactly it.

It's also one of my favorite images I made that day. Mostly because it's not the usual documentary photo one would imagine when thinking about photographs. And that's one of the reasons why I love it and probably why the client ended up using it for their ad campaign.

Michal Fanta